Hydraulic Tube's Pipeline Cleaning

- Sep 21, 2018-

In order to ensure the cleanliness of the lubrication system and to supply mechanical equipment bearings with clean grease, the pre-installed piping must be removed for cleaning.

The cleaning has two kinds of kerosene cleaning and pickling.

(a) Kerosene cleaning objects and methods Object.

copper tube, stainless steel pipe; Method. 1. Pre-installation has been pickling treatment, and now the inner wall of no rust, oxide steel pipe; 2, in the pre-assembled pipe fittings, 3, will need to clean the pipe and joints removed, pipe with cloth (or off the wool yarn) with kerosene to wipe the tube, both ends and joints soaked in kerosene cleaning, and then coated with oil or filled with grease,

The two ends are sealed well to be installed, 4, after cleaning must not have visual visible contaminants (such as iron filings, fibrous impurities, welding slag, etc.), to pay special attention to the welding of the internal wall welding slag must be thoroughly cleaned.

(b) Pickling objects and methods Object.

Steel pipe without pickling before pre-installation, although it has been pickled, but now has serious corrosion of steel pipe. Method. 1, the use of degreasing agent, remove the grease on the piping, 2, with water to remove dirt on the pipe, 3, in the pickling solution to remove rust on the pipe wall, rolling iron filings, etc. 4. Rinse the attachment produced in the above-mentioned operation with water, rinse with high-pressure water inside the tube, and 5. In order to effectively dry the pipe should be immersed in hot water or steam drying, the pipe should be dry through; 7. After the pickling of the tube to check, whether clean, 8, immediately after pickling with plastic or plastic tape sealed the opening of the tube, so as to avoid foreign bodies, water and other intrusion.