Hydraulic Tube Piping Installation

- Sep 21, 2018-

Before the installation of all steel pipe can be pickling, especially with the card-type pipe joints connected to the steel pipe should first pickling, and then the card sleeve is pre-fastened to the tube end;

All fittings should first be cleaned with kerosene to be installed, the inside of the O-ring seal should be temporarily removed for safekeeping, pending the formal installation and then put on;

In the construction to maintain the pump, distributor and other equipment oil mouth, pipe joints, pipe ends and other openings clean, can not let water, dust and other foreign bodies enter;

The pipeline shall be laid in a free State, and the piping after welding shall not be forcibly fixed and connected by excessive radial force; The oil hole of the bearing seat should be checked beforehand, the internal oil circuit is unblocked, and the port thread is compatible with the connector.