Hydraulic Pipe Burst Pipe, All Hydraulic Oil Fault?

- Sep 21, 2018-

1, the use of inferior hydraulic pipe

Many people in the original hydraulic pipe damage, in order to map cheap, a lot of people choose the quality of substandard hydraulic tube, this hydraulic pipe performance, reliability is far inferior to original. In addition, the hydraulic pipe at both ends of the metal joint crimping process is bad, the tightness and reliability can not be guaranteed, after a period of time after use, will produce fuel-saving or even oil spill.

Therefore, the replacement of the hydraulic pipe must choose the formal big brand products.

2, hydraulic system pressure is too high

Hydraulic system pre-set pressure is too high will increase the probability of the tube, the method is combined with a variety of actions to test the pressure of the main pump, if the pressure value is confirmed to be large, you can adjust the pressure of the multi-way valve lower some.

3, the hydraulic oil temperature is too high

If your machine hydraulic system high temperature, will also affect the sealing of hydraulic components, triggering leakage of the tube, in addition, the high temperature will also make the hydraulic components expand, resulting in valve core, valve body die, the formation of local high-temperature explosion tube.