China Factory Cold Drawn Carbon Steel Superheater Tubes

- Nov 16, 2018-

China Factory Cold Drawn Carbon Steel Superheater Tubes Basic Info
  • Model NO.: superheater and reheater

  • Customized: Customized

  • Cold Drawn Tube Fuel: Coal, Gas, Oil, Others

  • Type: Pressure Parts

  • Structure: Platen Superheater, Coiled Superheater

  • Lead Time: 20-30 Days After Deposit

  • Cold Drawn Tube Specification: Steel material

  • HS Code: 8402119000

  • Certification: ISO, ASME

  • Surface Treatment: Painted

  • Range of Applications: Power station, Industrial

  • Name: China Thermal Efficient Steam Super Heater for Coa

  • Function: Thermal Efficiency Improving

  • Port: Qingdao or Other China Port

  • Cold Drawn Tube Transport Package: Seaworthy Packing

  • Origin: Shandong, China

China Factory Cold Drawn Carbon Steel Superheater Tubes Product Description

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China factory cold drawn carbon steel superheater tubes

Super heaters are the one of the most important boiler sapre parts that improves the thermal efficiency. High temperature steam boiler radiant super heater is usually applied in high pressure power plant boiler. 

In the boiler, the role of super heater is to heat the saturated steam to a certain temperature of superheated steam to increase power plant efficiency. Repeater essentially further improves the thermal power plant cycle efficiency.

Steam Super heater Coils: Super heater coils are used in a boiler to generate saturated steam. The super heater coils are specially used in Boilers of Power plant. We manufacture Super heater coils in various grades of Alloy steel and in stain less steel tubes with or without support & Header as per customer's drawing.

Thechnical parameters:

ProductChina factory cold drawn carbon steel superheater tubes
Material carbon steel, alloy steel , or durable heat steel
Tube OD30-60mm, or as per requirement 
Tube W.T.0.8mm- 15mm
Structure vertical or horizontal 
Typeradiant, convection superheater 

China Factory Cold Drawn Carbon Steel Superheater Tubes Description:

Super heater types:

1. Radiant super heater: it is the earliest type of super heater and it is located above or behind banks of water tubes to protection them from direct flam or fire.

Parameters that increases the convection

a. Increasing the fuel-and air flow (combustion gas flow)

b. Increasing the mass flow rate of the steam 

 Radiation is mainly dependent on the flam temperature. as the steam flow rate increases the exit temperature become lower.

Radiant super heater 

They are placed exposed to the heat source whcih requires the improvement of metal temperatures.

Radiant and convetive super heaters and reheaters are used for high temperature steam.

The accessory of  high temperature radiant steam  super heater in boiler    

It is made up of snake-like tubes (carbon steel, alloy steel or heat-resistant steel, etc.) and collection boxes and other supporting material. Tubes generally have φ32, φ38, φ42 or other types of specifications, according to user's needs separately.


They are the sane as the super heaters but as their exit temperature is a little bit less than super heaters and their pressure is 20% -25% less than the super heater, they can stand less quality material alloys.

China Factory Cold Drawn Carbon Steel Superheater Tubes Application:

Steam super heater is consisted of dense tube coils and is placed in the flue under the tempearture 450oC-1000oC.

For power plant boiler capacity over 10Mpa, platen and coiled superheater are usually adopted. 

China Factory Cold Drawn Carbon Steel Superheater Tubes