Application Of Hydraulic Tube

- Sep 21, 2018-

1, fluid with seamless steel pipe: gb8163-99

2. Seamless steel tube for boiler: gb3087-1999

3, boiler with high-pressure seamless pipe: gb5310-95 (St45.8-ⅲ type)

4. High-pressure seamless steel pipe for fertilizer equipment: gb6479-1999

5. Seamless steel pipe for geological drilling: yb235-70

6, oil drilling seamless steel pipe: yb528-65

7, oil cracking seamless steel pipe: gb9948-88

8, oil drill collars Dedicated Seamless tube: yb691-70

9, automotive semi-axle with seamless steel pipe: gb3088-1999

10. Seamless steel pipe for ship: gb5312-1999

11, cold-drawn precision seamless steel pipe: gb3639-1999 A variety of alloy pipe 16Mn, 27SiMn, 15CrMo, 35CrMo, 12CrMov, 20G, 40cr,12cr1mov,15crmo steel pipe According to the production process is divided into seamless steel tubes and welded steel pipe two categories.

Seamless steel pipe is made of steel ingot, tube billet or the piercing of the rod. Hydraulic Tube Weight formula: [(OD-wall thickness) * Wall thickness]*0.02466=kg/m (weight per metre)