Will Cold drawn tube rust?

- Sep 21, 2018-

Cold drawn pipe is made on the basis of cold drawn, because the cold drawn tube temperature is relatively high, in the long-term use and continuous development of the role is relatively large, and is not enough to carry out the deformation, it can be said that the use of cold-drawn pipe in the range and frequency are relatively large. Cold drawn pipe in accordance with the process of processing and processing procedures are not rusty, but due to improper maintenance and maintenance of improper, for the use of cold-drawn pipe in life is also a phenomenon of rust.

For specific reasons, we give you an analysis of: Why are cold-drawn pipes rusty? When the cold-drawn tube surface brown rust spots (points), people are surprised: "cold-drawn pipe is not rusty, rust is not cold-drawn tube, may be the problem of steel". In fact, this is a lack of understanding of cold-drawn pipe a one-sided wrong view.

The cold-drawn tube will rust under certain conditions. Cold-drawn pipe has the ability to resist atmospheric oxidation---that is, rust, but also in acid, alkali, salt is the ability of the medium is corrosion---namely corrosion resistance. However, its corrosion resistance is changed with the chemical composition of its steel, the state of addition, the conditions of use and the type of environmental media. such as the 304 steel pipe, in the dry and clean atmosphere, there is absolutely excellent corrosion resistance, but it moved to the seaside area, in a large amount of salt in the sea fog, will soon rust, and 316 of the steel pipe performance is good. Therefore, not any kind of cold-drawn pipe, in any environment are capable of corrosion, not rust.