Straightening of cylinder and piston rod

- May 05, 2020-

 After the cylinder and the piston rod are bent due to an accident, they are generally straightened on the press. However, after straightening the cylinder or piston rod on the press, a rebound phenomenon often occurs after a period of time, that is, the cylinder or piston rod returns to its original shape to a certain extent. For this reason, some repair shops have developed long cylindrical bending straighteners. When in use, put the curved cylinder or piston rod into the straightening machine, press the pressing wheel, start the motor, roll back and forth, and adjust the pressing wheel continuously according to the situation, and slowly bend the curved cylinder or The piston rod is straightened. This is different from the straightening on the press. Straightening on the straightening machine can not only straighten the bent part, but also the internal stress generated by the bending of the cylinder or piston rod can be released under the repeated action of the upper and lower rollers To ensure that it does not rebound after the school is straightened