Micro Hardness Tester HV1000

- Apr 06, 2020-

Hard chrome plated piston rod


Micro Hardness Tester HV1000

high quality

easy operate

fast delivery

very competitive price

Micro Hardness Tester HV1000


Model HV-1000 adopts precise mechanical technique and

photoelectrical technique.

The tester is able to adjust and measure either strong or weak

light source, and is capable to pressure holding time of the test

load and is displayed by LED

This tester adopts peculiar indentation measuring, inverting

and read mechanism through measuring once by the

micrometer eyepiece

It is easy to use, and high precision in measurement


Piston rod Specifications

Test load

0.098,0.246,0.49,0.98,1.96,2.94,4.90,9.80N (10-1000kgf)

Load holding time


Magnification of microscope

Measuring:400x (Object lens 40x, Eyepiece 10x) Observation:100x (Object lens 10x, Eyepiece10x)

Loading mechanism

Automatic loading and releasing method





Max.measuring length 150μm

Min.measuring unit 0.5μm

Max.height of specimen

Approx 65mm

Max.depth of specimen

Approx 85mm

Micro test table

Dimension:100_100mm Max.movement:25mm in X&Y axis Min .micro graduation:1/100mm

Digital data display


Automatic recorder


Photographic device

Possible to install at any time

Dimensions of tester

W290 ×D405×M480mm

Weight of tester


Power supply

AC220V/110V±10% 50Hz/60Hz


Standard delivery

Main unit                                     1

Micro Vickers indenter                        1

10 × objective                               1

40 × objective                               1

Manual                                        1

Weight shaft                                  1

Cross testing table                           1

Screwdriver                                   2

Horizontal adjusting screw                    4

10× micrometer eyepiece                                1

Micro Vickers hardness test block (high)                1

Micro Vickers hardness test block (medium)              1

Level                                                   1

Lamp (6V/2 W)                                           2

Fuse 1A, 2A                                             2

Certificate                                             1

Manual for printer                                      1

Weight                                                  6

Fine wire holder                                        1