How to repair the surface defects of Honed tube

- Sep 21, 2018-

Honing pipe before processing the surface will have a lot of hemp point, which is an important factor affecting the quality of honing pipe, to get the quality of the hydraulic oil tubes after quilting, it is necessary to repair these points.

So, what are the methods for repairing the surface defects of honing tubes?

1. Increase the amount of cold-drawn deformation

Increasing the number of cold-drawn deformation and increasing the total deformation can achieve the purpose of reducing the depth of the hemp point and reducing the honing grinding allowance.

2. Preferred hot-rolled tube blanks

Cold-drawn pipe defects are caused by hot-rolled pipe, so, through the selection of small corrosion degree, uniform wall thickness of the hot-rolled pipe, can reduce the defects of the hemp, improve the yield of the cylinder.

3. Hot-rolled pipe hole defect cleaning