How does a hydraulic rod work?

- Sep 21, 2018-

The working principle of the hydraulic cylinder is: Talk about how it works. The basic 5 parts, 1-cylinder and cylinder head 2-piston and piston rod 3-Sealing device 4-buffer Unit 5-exhaust device each kind of cylinder work is almost similar, take a manual jack for its work originally, Jack is actually the simplest cylinder.

Through the manual booster stem (hydraulic manual pump) to make the hydraulic oil through a single valve into the cylinder, then into the oil cylinder hydraulic oil because the single valve reason can no longer back, forcing the cylinder rod upward, and then continue to make hydraulic oil into the hydraulic cylinder, so constantly on the rise, To reduce the time to open the hydraulic valve, so that the hydraulic oil back to the tank. This is the simplest job, and the rest is improved on this basis.