Honed Tube's layout requirements

- Sep 21, 2018-

Honing pipe is different from ordinary pipe, so whether it is the way of processing, or piping layout, there are very special requirements.

The content of these two aspects is described in detail, so that the effect of honing tube can be fully exerted. Honing pipe is essentially a special treatment of high-precision seamless steel pipe, its good performance makes it in all fields have good use effect. Honing pipe in the arrangement, whether the arrangement or direction should be neat and consistent, and should be structured.

As far as possible in the horizontal or vertical layout, but also in terms of parallelism and verticality and other aspects of strict regulations. Honing pipe cutting is also relatively low, if the diameter is greater than 50mm, it is best to use mechanical processing method cutting, to ensure that the tube cutting surface of the flat, can not have burrs, oxide, slag and other defects exist.