Hydraulic Shaft and Piston Rod

Professional manufacturer of Hard chrome rod for hydraulic, founded in 2004, major in honed tube, hydraulic tube, chrome rod, chrome bar, chrome shaft, at present we are biggest manufacturer and wholesaler in north of China. Hydraulic shaft and piston rod Chromed rod Parameters Description We...

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Professional manufacturer of Hard chrome rod for hydraulic, founded in 2004, major in honed tube, hydraulic tube, chrome rod, chrome bar, chrome shaft, at present we are biggest manufacturer and wholesaler in north of China. 

Hydraulic shaft and piston rod

Chromed rod


Parameters Description 

We make piston rods, chrome shafts and honed tubes. With our many decades of expertise, core competencies as turning, hardening, grinding, surface coating and polishing. 

Each component meets the highest standards for tolerance and surface quality.


Technical description:

Diameter of piston rods: 4 mm - 28 mm

Diameter of tubes: 4 mm - 70 mm

Length of 35 mm - 700 mm

Roughness Ra 0,05 µm / Rz 0,5 µm

Surface refinement: salt bath or gas nitration, DLC, browning, galvanising, passivating

Manufacturing Competencies: CNC turning

We can offer you economical complete machining operation with our up-to-date multi-axis CNC turning machines in one clamping setup.


Inductive continuous hardening guarantees the hardening of precisely defined areas according to your exact requirements. A technology that can be adapted to your individual demands.

Centerless grinding

Our grinding lines work at high processing speeds with optimum efficiency. Depending on material and diameter requirements, surface qualities with roughness specifications up to Ra 0.1 µm can be obtained.

Surface treatment by hard chrome plating, salt bath nitriting, DLC, burnishing, galvanizing and passivation, your components obtain a high resistance to corrosion and wear. This means high endurance over the entire life of the product.


We can guarantee you mirror-like polished surfaces with our optimal finish grinding method - without material loss.


Providing our components in the desired lot size to meet your logistic requirements goes without saying.

Hydraulic shaft and piston rod

Size : Ø6~130mm

Length : 2000~7000mm

Tensile Strength : 570~690 N/mm2

Yield Strength : >345 N/mm2

Elongation : >17%

Surface Roughness : Ra0.2~Ra0.4

Hardness of Hard Chrome Plated: Minimum HV800

Diameter Accuracy: f7.h6

Diameter Roughness: Ra value 0.2 - 0.3 Ra (Micron)

Standard Length:  1mtr - 3 mtr

Special Length: 6.5mtr

Diameter: 10mm - 110mm

Hard Chrome Plating Thickness: 15 to 30 Microns

Straightness: 0.2mm / 1000mm max.

Material of Construction: En8D OR Mechanical construction use carbon steel bars


Our Material

Material No.

Similar International Grade



DIN CK45 / CNS S45C / GB 45 / BS 080M46 (1C45) (060A42) (060A47) (080M46) / NF XC42 / UNI C45 / NBN C45-2 / SS 1672 / UNE C45K / SAE 1045 / ISO C45E4 /  45

Machine structural purposes
Mechanical column
Solid Bar



DIN CK55 / CNS S55C / GB 55 / BS 070M55 (1C45) (060M57) / UNI XC45 / NBN C50 / SS 55-2 / UNE C55K / AISI 1055 / ISO C55E4 /  55

Heat treatment

* Above similar steel grades are only for your reference, please kindly refer to each standard for further differences.

* You may order ground rods, bright bars under this material!

* Other specification and material can be ordered.

Material of S45C hydraulic shaft and piston rod: JIS S45C / DIN CK45 / SAE 1045 and JIS S55C. By precision cold drawing, the tensile strength is higher. After harden chrome plating, the chrome shaft obtains good corrosion resistance, great abrasion resistance and uniformity of hardness. Piston Rod can go through other additional processing like lathing, milling and drilling. Suitable for piston rod, hydraulic cylinder rod, pneumatic cylinder shaft, punching machine, pressing machine, mechanical guide rod, mechanical column bar, solid bar, crane, plastic injection machine, sealing machine, packaging machinery, and other automation machinery.

Material of the hydraulic shaft and piston rod: JIS S50C / DIN CF53 / AISI 1050 and JIS S55C. Through heat treatment, the hardness is greater than common harden chrome plated rod. Induction Harden Chrome Plated Cylinder Rod reaches uniform hardening thickness with no soft spots. It has high stability, low ductility, and superior wear resistance for mechanical guide rod, tie bar, linear bearing slide rod, excavator, loading machine, construction equipment

Product Processing   

Raw material – Peeling – Straightening – Heat treatment – Cutting – Grinding 3 times – Straightening – Grinding 2 times – Polishing Ra0.2 – Chrome plating – Polishing Ra0.2 – Finished products

Quality Inspection and Testing

Packing and Delivery 

1.Coated by antirust oil.  

2.1-2m plastics film covered both ends of bars, to avoid oil leak. 

3.Sheathed by paper carton tube, both end covered by roundness paper carton.

4.Cotton rope twined and bundled without interspace, to avoid any surfaced scratched.

5.Plastic film covered overall of bundled bars, to keep seal. 

6.(Options) Woven tarpaulin covered overall of bundled bars, to keep packing clear. 

7.Lifting belts on the middle of bundled bars. 

8.(Options) Wooden box packed.

About Us

Qingzhou Longyue Hydralic Machinery Co., Ltd, Established in 2004, reowned firm engrossed in manufacturing honed tube, chrome rod over 14years. ISO9001 certificated.

Annual output 12 thousand tons, at present we are the biggest manufacturer in North China. 

Rich experience in production and export, prefect products & services gained recognition of clients from 20 countries & area. 

We sincerely hope there would be a chance for us to start business and build long term relationships may from an inquiry soon.

Products range as following:

Honed tube

Finished barrel for hydraulic cylinder

Ready to honed tube.

Cold drawn tube.

Hard chromed rod, bar, shaft.

Induction hardened rod, bar, shaft

Finished piston rod for hydraulic cylinder

Main market as following.

Domestic market

Middle East

South Eastern Asia

North Africa

South America